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Director Jesse Randall Places Queer Lens on Homeless Crisis in Outfest Short Film 'Spare Change'

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"Spare Change" a short film that premiered at the 2023 Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival, follows Emmett (Asha Doucet), a young, black and homeless transman. Kicked out of his home due to his parents displeasure of his sexuality, Emmett struggles to find direction on the infamously rough LA streets. He quickly learns that life can change at any moment. Emmett also comes to find that everything has a system; including homelessness.

The judgement of some is limited, only able to see as far as their eyes allow yet there are some whose visions hold no limitations and surpasses much more. Utilizing his talents and surroundings, Emmett finds ways to survive, upon realizing he only has himself.

Director Jesse Randall's films primarily embody LGBTQ themes. Despite criticisms for his depiction of the LGBT community, Randall defines his work as an honest reflection of his own experiences in addition to the harsh realities that than can come with being queer.

Director Jesse Randall

"I’m just trying to share my experiences in hopes that others benefit from it," He said in an interview with Medium. Sometimes it isn’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it."

"I think a lot of LGBTQIA+ media presents a fantasy that most queer-identifying people wish they had experienced. I’m just reporting the world around me as I see it."

Randall curates his media content through his production company JR Vision films. His breakout digital series The Safety Plan along with various short films are currently streaming on Revry TV.

Watch the Trailer for "Spare Change" Below:


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