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Disney CEO Claps Back at Journalist Claiming Disney is Losing Money Because of LGBT Representation


Disney's stocks have been going down recently, and this Anti-LGBT journalist think she has the answer, the LGBTQ representation within Disney.

Catholic journalist, Caroline Farrow believes that Disney is currently losing money because it's products, "promote LGBT ideology".

According to NBC News, Farrow asked the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, if it was time that Disney start to put out more, "family friendly" content during a shareholding meeting that took place on Wednesday since Disney has seen a drop in their stocks. She even mentioned petitions that have been signed for Disney to stop being a part of Pride events.

S Meddle/ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

Chapek clapped back at Farrow saying, "We believe we want to tell stories that our audience wants to hear that reflects their lives".

“In terms of the stock price, there’s a lot of reasons why the stock price might be down ... that has nothing to do with the issue you raised," Chapek said. "It might have more to do with coronavirus and the worldwide pandemic that we’re facing.”

Some Disney movies that have shown some sort of LGBT representation were, "Avengers: Endgame", Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalkwalker" and the very recent, "Onward", that faced backlash as we last reported here at Gaye Magazine.

There will be a lot more LGBTQ representation in the future as Chapek because, "The Eternals", and "Thor: Love and Thunder" will be coming soon as well.


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