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Black Trans Woman Violently Beaten by Mob in Viral Video, "Black Trans Lives Matter" Trends Online

2020 hit the fan months ago, but somehow things keep getting worse. In the mist of a pandemic and racial outcry Minneapolis black cis-gendered men were caught on film beating a black trans woman named Iyanna Dior.

In the video, Iyanna is seen pinned against a wall being beat by a huge crowd of black people. She was beaten out into the parking lot, and then beat back in. In the video you could hear slurs being called out to her as she ran behind the shop counter for safety.

According to our sources, Iyanna and another woman got into a fist fight over a car accident. The video captures the altercation reeling out of control as crowds of people join the fight to beat Iyanna, mainly grown black men. Only a few are heard in the video trying to stop the fight and protect the woman but it is not nearly enough.

This horrifying video is being shared all over social media and has caught the attention of civilians and celebrities alike. Internet personality TS Madison shared the video with an absolute livid comment also stating that although she is black she is also trans and the struggles of feeling like she has to battle both.

My black brother and sisters. Let me be clear. You cannot fight for black liberation and keep the LGBTQIA out of it. You cannot stand for black people but consider Queers outliers. #BlackLivesMatter includes #BlackTrans, #BlackGayMen, and the entire #BlackLGBT community - Periodt.

Watch the Video Below: (Warning: Graphic Content)

Iyanna took to Facebook to make the following statement:


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