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Dominique Lucious' Death Marks the Fourteenth Known Trans Person to be Killed in 2021

Dominique Lucious (26), a black trans woman, was murdered in Springfield Missouri last week on April 8th, after meeting her future assailant on the dating site


The Human Rights Campaign, an organization dedicated to ending discrimination against LGBTQ people, named Lucious the 14th trans or nonbinary person to be killed in 2021.

Screenshot of the GLO center facebook page.

The suspect was seen leaving the scene of the crime and was later identified as Charles Nelson (28). Authorities later caught up with Nelson and noticed blood on his shoes and identified a gun in his home that would match the one used to commit the murder. He also drove the same type of car that witnesses described at the scene.


Her friends and family remember her for her bright personality and accepting nature.

A double vigil was held on April 14th for Dominique and Daunte Wright, who was fatally shot by a police officer who mistook her gun for a taser, at Washington Square Park. Organizers behind the event included leaders of the Stonewall protest, Warriors in the Garden, Black Woman’s March, Strategy for Black Lives, and Freedom March NYC.

photocredit: Gay City News

Dominique’s mother is accepting donations for her funeral fund at her Cashapp: $Salina1973


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