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Dope Artist Spotlight: KueenD

Clameshia Brown better known as KueenD is a dedicated rapper and performing artist with a musically creative mind like no other. Her dope ass beats and catchy, sing-along choruses has sparked dance crazes on Tik Tok from popular influencers.

Since 2012, KueenD has been focused on making her mark in the industry by creating original, openly LGBT music to perform. She has performed for the Mayor of Mound Bayou Mississippi and killed the legendary stage at the Apollo Theatre.

Check Out Her Entry in the #DailyDope count up with YoLGBTRaps below:

Imagine yourself at your highest point in your musical career, how do you plan to give back to the LGBT community through your success?

At the highest point of my career I see myself starting my own independent label designed for artists and creators in the community. I want to mend that bridge and create opportunities for all LGBT businesses.

Who are your musical inspirations? How have they influenced your artistry?

Missy Elliott and Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez are my two influences! They have influenced me especially when it comes to my image, my creativity with video concepts and designs and the creator side of me. Watching them groomed me in a way that I could create in the comfort of my own space. I self taught myself to record, mix and shoot my own videos along with editing. Both artists are geniuses when it comes to the industry.

If you want to learn more about KueenD, follow her on Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube and be sure check out her latest project, “The Wave Mixtape”, a full body of work that will make you feel part of the wave journey.


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