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Drag Race Winner Tyra Sanchez Arrested for Suspicion of Vandalism

Drag performer James Ross, also known as Tyra Sanchez, has been accused of spray painting 'Don't Move Here Ever' on the side of an apartment building in Atlanta, according to Pink News.

A spokesperson from the Atlanta Police Department told People, "around 10:24 a.m, officers responded to a vandalism call at an apartment complex. Upon arrival, they spoke with the security officer for the apartment complex who lives on the property and stated that someone spray-painted the words, "Do Not Move Here" across his home."


The spokesperson also said that "officers were able to locate and identify the suspect as Ross, and he was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property". Ross was taken to Fulton County Jail.

Another witness also claimed to witness the spray painting, and they identified Ross as the person doing it. It is alleged that Ross lived in the complex, and hadn't paid rent in months.


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