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Durand Bernarr Receives Praise on the Debut of His Second Studio Album "Wanderlust"

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Following the conclusion of his sold-out U.S city tour, Durand Bernarr released his highly anticipated sophomore album “Wanderlust” this past Friday.

Written and arranged by Bernarr himself, the twelve-track album has received rave reviews upon its debut. With his lead single, “Lil Bit (ft. Metta)” sucking in fans with its groovy tempo, songs such as “Leveled”, “Boundaries” and “Mango Butter” to name a few, added the icing to help fans fall in love.

Bernarr told BET that the album is a nod to Kelis’ album “Wanderland”.

“I’m always traveling inward to see what do I want, what do I need and who am I at this time in my life. The album will discuss some stories and experiences that I discovered on that journey inward,” he shared.

“As far as music goes, the whole project is very upbeat. You’re gonna dance and bop your shoulders.”

Gayes, have you listened? What’s your fave track?

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