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Dyllón Burnside to be Honored at 4th Annual Mayor's Reception for Atlanta Black Pride Weekend

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Atlanta Black Pride Weekend is quickly approaching, with over 100,000 people expected to attend. Starting Thursday, August 31st, the event will kick off with the 4th annual Mayor’s Black Pride Reception.

Atlanta’s 61st mayor Andre Dickens is the keynote speaker, along with other notable voices including Malik Brown (Director of LGBTQ Affairs), Candance Stanciel (Chief Equity Officer), and Emmy award-winning artist and "Pose" star Dyllón Burnside, who is this year’s recipient of the Cultural Impact Award.

While Black Pride brings themes of education and empowerment, Labor Day weekend wouldn’t survive without the entertainment! This year's reception will include a variety of performers like a spoken word from Theresa that Song Bird and a drag performance from Cici Nicole. DJ Ced the Saint will be spinning the vibes as DJ for the entire event.

The Mayor's Black Pride Reception began in 2019, not only honoring several accomplished members of the LGBTQ+ community but also raising awareness and driving impact for inclusiveness, acceptance, and pushing our youth forward.

In 2022, organizers donated $50,000 to the Mayor’s Youth Scholarship program, however this year, the charity is a bit different.

Creating a first-of-its-kind LGBTQ Youth Mentorship Program, The City of Atlanta is in collaboration with Destination Tomorrow, giving youth ages 18-25 the opportunity to be matched with a mentor. To make a donation, visit their website here.


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