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"Ellen DeGeneres Show" Is Now Under Investigation For Workplace Discrimination and Workplace Racism


It's agreed upon the general public that 2020 has not been a very good year and it has definitely not been so good for Ellen Degeneres after being in nothing but heat all year. She once again is caught up in something that is not looking to good for the fate of her 17-year old talk show.

When it comes to putting together a production such as a TV show, it is not just about the person in front of the camera but it's also about those who work behind the camera. But, those who are working at the Ellen Degeneres show are now speaking out about not being valued as a team player, resulting in an investigation for workplace discrimination and racism that is allegedly taking place by Warner Media.

The investigation is going to consist of interviews from current and former employees of the show who will talk about their experience working there.

The New York Times reported that executives from Warner Bros. Television and the production company Telepictures had sent a letter to employees that outlined the company's investigation, according to two people with knowledge of the letter. The investigation started because BuzzFeed Newspublished an article that consisted of former employees speaking out about the show having a "toxic work culture." In this article they list experiencing, "racism, fear, and intimidation"

A Black woman who worked at the show also spoke on facing racism at the workplace with microagressions and racist jokes.

Buzzfeed News
Buzzfeed News

The Ellen show was renewed to go on until 2022 and Ellen also has a deal to do 3 shows with HBO Max, but with everything going on, could that be jeopardized?

#Gayes, let us know what you think is going to happen.


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