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Eminem’s Youngest Daughter Comes Out As Non-Binary and Now Goes By “Stevie”

Photo Credit: Gossip Cop

It’s been a while since Rapper Eminem trended on social media. Surprisingly it’s his daughter who broke the internet this time.

Born Whitney Scott, the 19-year-old went viral on TikTok on Friday. Sharing a meaningful 38 second video to fans with the caption: Forever growing & changing <3 #GenderFluid #bi #life”.

The TikTok account of the user name: St0nedC0w uploaded a video that started with an audio of someone crying before you see a collage of different photos showing Stevie’s transition over the years.

According to Stevie’s Instagram, she came out as bisexual in 2017 and asked to go by the pronouns she/they. Now, fast forward to 2021, Stevie has deleted all of her Instagram photos as “Whitney” & uploaded 2 new photos introducing “Stevie” as non-binary.

The newest caption read, “call me Stevie (they/she/he)," which was liked by her well-known half sister Hailie Jade, Eminem's biological daughter with his ex wife Kim Scott.

Stevie’s Tiktok video received more than 3k likes and over 500 comments. One viewer asked why she chose the name Stevie, she answered, "I spent a long time trying to pick a name I felt comfortable with and the first name I felt comfortable with is Stevie!!"

HipHop24x7 stated that Stevie is actually the child of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott, whom he married in 1999 until 2001. The rapper decided to adopt Stevie in 2005 after finding out he was not her biological father during a separation period with Kim. They remarried in 2006, but ended up divorcing again a few months later.

Gossip Cop

In fact, Stevie is not the only child Eminem has adopted. He also took legal custody of his niece Alaina, who is now 28. She is the daughter of Dawn Scott, the twin sister of the rappers ex, Kim Scott. Alaina is often referred to as 'Lainey' in Eminem's songs like Mockingbird.

The rapper mentions all 3 of his daughters In his song Going Through Changes: "Hailie, this one is for you, Whitney and Alaina too / I still love your mother, that’ll never change."

The rapper then sat down with a journalist at TheThings & discussed why he stepped in as their father. and Haille

“I have full custody of my niece and joint custody of Hailie... I really had no choice but to just step up to the plate. [ With Kim’s health issues & Dawn’s drug addiction] I was always there for Hailie, and my niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born. Me and Kim pretty much had her, she’d live with us wherever we were at.”

Not only is Eminem a rap legend, but also a devoted dad. He has not made any comments in regards to Stevie’s new pronouns but by the looks of it, He will support her with no hesitation.

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