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Empire Star Bre-Z Talks Black Love With Fiancée Chris Amore on New Netflix Series ”Love That For Us”

Black love is revolutionary and there’s no one way to define it! Netflix's new series, “Love That for Us” understood the assignment & gave us every feeling of love in their newest episode with one of Hollywood's favorite LGBT couples, Bre-Z and Chris Amore.

Witness 15 minutes of heartfelt memories & laughter with All-American star, Bre-Z and her fiancée Chris Amore. With over 200k views on Facebook, fans got an inside scoop on the couple meeting for the 1st time to their proposal.

Bre-Z even sheds a tear as she discuss the unshakable faith that keeps their love strong.

“When I speak on you, people can’t believe it. I’m like listen [in synch with Chris Amore] I don’t know what you got going on over there but this ain’t that.“

All while sharing their favorite scene from the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None.

Which is ironic because Thanksgiving is around the corner in real life! Chris Amore touched on the support of family when it came to coming out around that time. Unlike Bre-Z Amore story was a breeze.

“I just was who I was & I brought home whoever I wanted to bring home…I never had a discussion at all with my mom. “

As the beautiful couple make a toast & the screen fade to black , Love That For Us episode 6, left viewers with the quote of the night , “…do not ever let anyone divide y’all.“

So it’s safe to say that this couple is in it for the long hale & We love that for them.

Check out the full video off Love That For US Episode 6!

Gayes, are you excited for this episode?


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