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Entrepreneur Nick Ricardo Introduces One of a Kind Non-Binary Fragrances

In the beginning there was a confession made by a young black man named Nick Yeast in the state of Kentucky. The Yeast family was known as a legendary football family. Nick, named after his father, lived in the home where it was expected for him to pass the torch, and continued on the name with something great.

Nick Yeast | CEO/Founder

Nick confessed to his family that he was gay, and in response his family gave full support. In our interview together Nick noted how all the sad, rejection stories made the news. In his case, there was no worries. In response to Nick coming out, his father had one thing to say, "Always be yourself." Nick would continue on the Yeast dynasty, but he would do so his way.

"Fragrances should be genderless. Period".

The creation of the fragrances began with the Orlando Nightclub shooting.

"I realized life was too short." Nick said. He quit his job in Chicago, and took a trip to South Korea. It was there that he took a fragrance making class.

"When I came back people kept complimenting me."

Nick discovered that there was really a desire for products that were non-binary, but the multi-billion dollar industry did not fill it. Nick talked about social conditions saying, "Fragrances should be genderless. Period. It's based on how you feel. So I'm trying to break those conditions."

Photographer: Alexander Wong

Nick noted that perfume was for women and cologne was for men, but there was a need for those who were gender fluid. He began to make products he generalizes as "fragrances".

When I asked how he made his fragrances non-binary he gave very specific answers. If you visit the Nick Ricardo Collection website or social media pages you would see his models. The models come in every shape, size and color in order to reflect the belief that Nick Ricardo is for all.

The fragrances themselves were named after experiences and interests of business owner Nick Yeast himself. ONYX, MENTIONED, DESIRE, and TURBULENT are the fragrances at the moment. Nick Yeast took some experience behind the name and scents of the fragrances. For instance, "Mentioned" is a concept that Nick noted all people wanted to feel.

"We want to be mentioned, we want to be talked about."

That is something that every gender and even the genderless could relate to. As a black, queer male it was impossible not to ask what the journey was like to become an entrepreneur. Nick explained that the hard part was not getting the loans. It was marketing to groups. I asked him if he had learned anything as a business owner with the LGBTQIA community.

"The support is a tight knit group,” said Nick. Nick wanted to market to the LGBTQIA community, but the Nick Ricardo Collection is for everyone. When wanting to expand Nick spoke of how he was very clear that the business was black and queer. Although the fragrances were non-binary it was also for everyone. So Nick Yeast looked too expand his market. Some businesses took on the idea of non-binary with great enthusiasm, others would simply smile at Nick.

"I sometimes see the look,” he said. And he knew at that point it was over.


What I loved most about this brand is the activism behind it. Nick Yeast did not make this fragrance for just the non-binary, he made it for a statement. He had found a need, but he had also wanted to send a message.

Nick and I talked about how in the LGBT community the L, G, B and only now recently the T but, "Everyone forgets the other letters." But Nick didn't. In order to draw attention to other queers and other colors of the rainbows, he kept the support of his business in the LGBTQIA family.

When I asked him how he moves forward with connecting the LGBTQIA community and his business he said, "I'm picky. I'm looking for people who have the same values of the brand. Everything from models, to photographers to managing my books."

In an effort to give those a voice Nick has created a product that focuses not on who you are, but how you want to be. The Nick Ricardo Collection is a new and transformative way to break down social barriers and expectations while setting free the desires and persona we choose to give ourselves that day.

Fragrances may be part of a multi-billion dollar industry, but the feel of knowing what you’re wearing speaks with you and for you? Priceless.

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There are many who ask for products that provide representation and cater to them. To keep those businesses around there has to be more that just well wishes. The Nick Ricardo Collection's fragrances would be a great gift, date night accessory or simply a way to support all colors of the rainbow.

If you would like to support the Nick Ricardo Collection, you can purchase the various fragrances, or sample set, you can go to You can see more about what Nick is doing with upcoming fragrances releases, pop-up brunches, etc at his Instagram @nickricardocollection.


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