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Everything You Need to Know About the Designer of Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Look, Sergio Hudson

Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

The 202 inauguration wasn’t just about President Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris moving into the White House. The fashion pieces was giving as well. Particularly our former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama stole the scene in her monochrome look from Black and gay designer Sergio Hudson. She wore a burgundy colored turtleneck paired with burgundy flared pants, layered with a gold oversized belt & matching pea coat.

The outfit immediately went viral on social media and everyone searched high and low for the designer responsible for such an elegant & bold piece.

Michelle Obama's stylist Meredith Koop shared a post on Instagram Friday, giving viewers details behind the ensemble and highlighting Sergio Hudson.

"Now, let's break this down...This is not a jumpsuit. It is gorgeous separates from the exceptional @sergiohudson. I've worked with hundreds of designers on custom looks both in the US and internationally, and I can say confidently that Sergio is in the top in his designs, construction and understanding of how to dress the curves of a woman's body."

Photo Credit - CNN

Sergio details that he first saw Michelle Obama wearing his design at the same time everyone else did when she appeared at the inauguration.

“I was traveling all day... I walked into the lounge (at the airport) to charge my phone and looked up at the screen and Michelle Obama was coming down the stairs. It was definitely a moment. And dressing Kamala Harris...was the highlight of my career so far. It’s such an honor."

Hudson is originally from South Carolina and according to his Instagram, designed for celebrities like Rihanna, Issa Rae and Zendaya. Despite his amazing accomplishments, he still received backlash behind close doors for being black and gay.

“I’ve always been told to keep my mouth shut and do the work. Don’t complain or they will black ball you...the number 1 reason a black designer has not been able to ascend to the heights of a legacy brand is money....there is no lack of talent or ideas. The fact is they don’t want to invest in us.“

He later won the 2020 Harlem Fashion Row Icon360 Grant of $1 million dollars and stressed the importance of his vision.

“As a black and creative designer, this industry often doesn’t welcome us...this funding will be used to invest in the greater part of my Vision. With all the civil unrest and racial injustice, I plan to carry the torch and open The doors for other brown and black purple in the industry.”

Many other black and gay designers like Telfar Clemens, hope to inspire others to live in their truth. Babak Radnor, Telfar’s creative director brought a new meaning to luxury handbags which soon changed the game.

“The core thing about the line is it’s not an identity-based line. Not even just in a racial sense, but even gender and class...The whole point of the line is that it’s universal. And that specifically is what makes it politically charged or challenging. But Telfar is saying, ‘No, this is normal."

Check Out Some More Footage Below of Sergio's Design:


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