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Fenty Model Carissa Pinkston Lies About Being Transgender to Hide Transphobic Comments

getty images Kevin Mazur

No one knew the 20-year old, Carissa Pinkston until now and we got receipts! Originally a Savage X Fenty model for Rihanna, Carissa has since been dropped from her agency. In May, Carissa had made anti-trans comments about women on her personal Facebook: Rissa Danielle.

The comments caused a wave of outrage by people and so naturally the solution was to....pretend to be trans?

This was met with a lot of praise for her so-called "bravery" in the now-deleted post, however there were those who were confused. Cecilia Jinks told the magazine she had been on good terms with Pinkston, even claiming they shared mutual friends and had gone to high school with her in Pennsylvania. She found the anti-trans posts disturbing and was even more confused about Pinkston's "transition".

"I double-checked with all my friends who have known her for years and years, and when I was finally 100% sure she was lying I was horrified.....Not only was I appalled that she lied about something so sensitive to so many people, but that she did so to cover up her mistake of making transphobic posts on social media."

Jinks tweeted Savage X Fenty about it whereas Pinkerton denied knowing her at all. But what's done in the dark...

Carissa admitted to her lie and made a statement that she had panicked and had "felt" like a transgender.

"I'm taking full responsibility for what I said....I definitely feel like a trans person in a way — in high school I was really bullied.I remember being in school being little and taking tissues and trying to put them in my shirt...
The only reason I had lied was because of the death threats. And I was scared, so I thought they would accept me only if I said I was trans...It was never to avoid any backlash, but I did panic. And I do know what it’s like to be bullied and picked on for being different. And I wanted to fit in a community. Just in that moment, I didn’t know what to do...I got an experience of what a transgender person goes through."

So, young (maybe) model Carissa Pinkston has learned an important lesson. Or has she? Thoughts?


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