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Find Out How States and Cities Are Rated in Support of LGBT People with HRC's Search Engine

The New Year is bringing new moves, and some of those moves include moving to new areas. But, many LGBT individuals learn about their new areas the hard way. For those who don't know, the Human Rights Campaign has what's called a Municipality Equality Index that shows you how cities and states are supporting their LGBT employees and residents using a comprehensive score system.

Basically, you type in a place, press the search button and the Index spills the tea. The chart is still going and is only as accurate as the amount of data the regions give, but it's a good start.

The site also shows you why it's gotten it's ranking, such as court case decisions, and details what topics get what score. You get the best results by putting in the city instead of the state.

See some of the regions below and try it yourself.


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