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Florida Man Arrested For Having "I Eat Ass" Bumper Sticker On His Truck

Now, I know everyone has a fascination with the "Florida Men" stories that flood your timelines on a day to day basis, but this type of story is crazy and unlawful. According to the Lake City Reporter, 23-year-old, Dillon Shane Webb was allegedly pulled over by Columbia County Sheriff because he was proudly sporting around with a bumper sticker on his Chevrolet truck saying, "I Eat Ass". Webb was arrested on Sunday evening about his bumper sticker and apparently the sticker was in 'violation of the state's obscenity law'.

Based upon Lake City Reporter, Carl McKinney, says that Dillon Shane Webb faces charges of possession of obscene material, a first-degree misdemeanor, and resisting arrest. Also, after Webb refused to remove the sticker that was displayed on his rear window. The deputy that was on duty for the arrest of Webb claims that Webb violated Florida's Statue 847.011, which discusses the possession and distribution of obscene material.

Allegedly, the deputy asked Webb, "how a parent of a small child would explain the meaning of the words." In response, Webb says, "up to the parent," the report states. The deputy request for Webb to remove the bumper sticker, but he refused. That led to Webb's arrest on Sunday evening.

After the deputy put Webb inside of the squad car, the deputy called a tow truck to remove the truck from the scene. Webb was later released from the county jail Sunday evening after posting a $2,500 bond and he is scheduled for arraignment on May 21.


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