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Florida Man Kills Black Lover, Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison After Tampering with Evidence


On Monday Gardner Fraser, the son of a former Baker County Sheriff’s Office deputy, was sentenced to a year in Baker County jail and received four years of probation after the death of his alleged lover, Dominic “DJ” Broadus II.

The 4th Judicial Circuit took over the investigation after Fraser’s connection to the sheriff’s office. Soon after, David Chapman, communications director for the State Attorney’s office spoke with News4Jax.

“We have conducted an extensive investigation into the death of 31-year-old Dominic Broadus, Jr. and declined to bring charges against Gardner Fraser for the shooting of Broadus. This investigation has determined that Broadus showed up to Fraser’s private residence... unannounced and uninvited. Fraser asserted that Broadus attacked him on the doorstep of his home...The evidence in this case, Fraser’s unwavering claims of self-defense, and Florida law do not provide support for homicide charges. We are ethically prohibited from instituting criminal charges that we cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.”

News4Jax /Fraser

According to Revolt Tv , Fraser argued self-defense in 2018, citing the “stand your ground” laws. Now in 2021, he is only charged with a felony for deleting 35 text messages and 115 phone calls between the two men from his phone. Investigators admitted that their conversations and images were sexual in nature.

Baker County also admitted to no evidence of a scuffle or a fight when arrived at the scene. Broadus Jr phone’s disappearance still raised some questions for the Assistant State Attorney, Mark Caliel with NewsJax4.

“This defendant took the actions to get rid of that phone. Where it is, we don’t know, your honor. To this day only one person knows where DJ Broadus’ phone is, that’s Garner Fraser.”

Revolt Tv spoke additionally with the defense team saying that their client immediately contacted law enforcement and did not try to hide Broadus’ body.

News4Jax / Broadus Sr

Fraser’s father appeared with DJ’s sister on The Clay Cane Show sharing his take on the incident .

“The motive behind destroying the phone is trying to hide his bisexual tendency and executing on my son, murder — premeditated. It came as a surprise to us (Dominic sexuality) That’s something we discussed as a family and you deal with as a family. You don’t have someone killed or executed because of that...

We’re all disappointed because we know what the real charge should be, if not manslaughter, then murder in the first degree.”

Sputnik News/ Broadus Family

In early February of this year, Broadus family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Fraser

seeking $30,000 in damages for Broadus’s death.

Gayes, what are your thouhts?

Checkout The Full Family Interview: Family interview:


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