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Michael B. Jordan's Former House Assistant Alleges He Made a Move on Him, "Are We Gonna Kiss?"

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Yesterday, actor Michael B. Jordan's former house assistant Amir Yass appeared on "The Juicy Scoop Podcast" where he explained he felt Jordan made a move on him while he was helping him move a few years ago.

On the podcast hosted by Heather McDonald, Yass joined to spill the tea about the many celebrities he has worked with in his past before giving up his career in public relations.

Towards the end of the episode, Yass got to Michael B. Jordan and shared that during the time he was working as his house assistant Jordan would walk around the house in his boxers and no shirt with his "Creed Body".

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed/Warner Bros. Pictures

Yass further shared that Jordan would be very flirtatious to everyone around, saying he would even "flirt with a wall". Yass was very young at the time being his 20's so he felt that they had a "moment". While the two were in his closet alone, he claims Jordan asked, "Are we gonna kiss?", which made him "speechless and twitching".

Yass claims that Michael said that he was just joking with him and nothing happened between them. Afterwards, Yass claims that he went downstairs and started receiving packages, but regrets his decision, saying said that he "should have received his package".

This is not the first time where Amir Yass has spoken on his feelings about Michael B. Jordan, on his Instagram page, he posts videos from TikTok where he spills tea about celebrities that he has worked since the NDA agreements are over. When he spoke about working with Jordan for a year, he gushed about his looks and him walking around shirtless with the "creed body", but went on to say that he was a really nice guy and even let him keep some Puma gear that he no longer wanted.

Mcdonald replied quickly in shock saying that in her opinion she feels Jordan wanted Yass to "go down on him". Yass co-signed that there has been things to come out about him in the past. But, other than that he explained he is not the one to out people but they did have a really good relationship that goes beyond just sexuality and they got along really well.

To expand on those past allegations that Yass quickly pointed out, in 2016, there was an allegation that went around about Jordan being in a secret gay relationship. An anonymous person made a fake Instagram page and commented on his Instagram pictures about giving 2 years of their life to him and such. Jordan quickly posted a video via Instagram to clap back at the allegations. Later on, it turned out to be false because there was no proof behind it.

Check Out a Snippet Below:

Gaye Flashback

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