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Former Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina Reveal They Are Married

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After a private courtship, Miss Grand International alums Mariana Varela (Miss Argentina) and Fabiola Valentín (Miss Puerto Rico) announced they have gotten married.

The couple announced their union via an Instagram Reel captioned “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to it on a special day. 28/10/22,” the post said.

On the cover photo of the reel, the pair can be seen dressed in white outside of a courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In the video portion of the reel, the pair share intimate moments during their relationship such as walks on the beach, hugs and kisses, and the couple’s engagement proposal where gold and silver balloons spell out, “Marry me?”

Varela and Valentin originally met in 2020, while competing at the 2020 Miss Grand International pageant in Thailand with both women making it to the pageant's top 10.

While making frequent appearances on each other's social media accounts the pair had not confirmed their romantic relationship until the post.

The official Miss Grand International Instagram account congratulated the couple via Instagram saying “Congratulations to both of you,” and “MGIO always supports ‘LOVE’ without boundaries.”


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