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Former Trans Woman Says 'Hundreds of Transgender People Want to De-Transition"

via Sky News Intnerview

Sky News spoke to Chris Evans who was a transgender man until she stopped taking testosterone. After living as a male for about ten years, she now looks to de-transition back to her original birth sex. She now goes by the female pronoun and changed her name back to "Ruby".

Ruby expressed that it is hard de-transitioning as there was not a lot of help. She noted in her interview that she found support on a forum with over 5000 people also looking to de-transition. Hundreds of people contacted Ruby and she told the news network that many of them shared similarities: female, lesbian, mid-twenties, and some even on the autism spectrum.

Now #Gayes we've all heard vehemently the conversations that transitioning is because you are becoming who you really are. So tell us - what is de-transitioning?

Watch Ruby's Interview Below:


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