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Front Runners Atlanta Announces 34th Annual Atlanta Pride Run Powered by Lululemon

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atlanta pride run 5k
Atlanta Pride Run (2022)

This year will mark the 34th year of the annual Atlanta Pride Run & Walk 5K. Front Runners Atlanta (FRATL) is a running, walking and social club for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. The annual Atlanta Pride Run is known as the first LGBTQIA+ run in Atlanta. This year the Pride Run 5K this year will take place on June 4th at Piedmont Park.

The Atlanta Pride Run is a charity run and walk that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for those who have been impacted by HIV and uniting the community at large. The race is a Peachtree Race qualifier race and there will also be an option for participants to join virtually. This year, FRATL is expecting over 2000 participants, which is almost double that of last year.

In solidarity with some of the issues that plague the LGBTQ+ community, this year’s slogan for the run is “We See You”. This slogan is said to pay homage to runners or walkers in the community who feel unseen in an effort to encourage them to raise their voices to be heard.

Since the Pride Run’s inaugural race in 1991, various organizations have been beneficiaries of funding, resources, support and increased awareness from FRATL’s programming efforts. The Pride Run is a collaborative effort between FRATL and the communities it serves and in the ultimate act of service.

Proceeds from the race are typically donated to local HIV charities that provide services and care to persons living with HIV/AIDS. This year's beneficiaries include AID Atlanta, Bridge of Light, and Lost + Found Youth.

Aid Atlanta is the most comprehensive AIDS service organization in the Southeast. They offer HIV preventative care and services including, but not limited to HIV medical care, HIV/STD screening, PrEP, case management, and a statewide information hotline.

Lost + Found Youth’s mission is to end homelessness for all LGBTQIA+ youth by providing them with the skills and support they need to live independently.

Bridge of Light is an initiative that empowers those who are living in poverty or unhoused by providing laundry and hygiene services, as well as safe spaces that promote individual advocacy and self-sufficiency.

This year the Pride Run differs slightly from its previous years as for the first time in the history of the organization, Front Runners Atlanta will be honoring local members of the Atlanta community who exemplify the organization’s mission, values and legacy. The awards and their respective recipients are as follows:

  • The Community Advocacy Award - Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens

  • “We See You” Humanity Awards - Barry Sermons, Amber Brainerd, Kamari Haugabook

This year’s Atlanta Pride Run is powered by Lululemon and features major local and global sponsors. Supporters can make a tax-deductible donation to help members of our community in need through the following link.

For more information on FRATL and the 2023 Atlanta Pride Run visit the official website.


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