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Gabrielle Union Gives Advice to Parents, "Throwing Away Trans Kids is Sad and Pathetic" [VIDEO]

Updated: May 8, 2020

In an interview with The View, Gabrielle Union discussed new book “Welcome to the Party” and the Wade-Union familial support for Zaya. Union’s advocacy and love for her child is a great example of supporting trans children throughout their experience and journey into adulthood.

Social media and many circles of conversations previously criticized the famous family after the announcement of the preferred pronouns for Zaya and sharing photos of them celebrating at a Pride event. The Union-Wade family have continuously shared their support and love for their 12-year old daughter ,Zaya, regardless of some backlash. Some celebrities such as Boosie Badazz, Young Thug and others circulated negative rhetoric about the underage child and her physical appearance. However, during the interview with Meghan McCain, Union shared her feelings about how adults, and parents, can provide a safe space and appropriate support for trans children.

Union commented, “Allowing them to be exactly who they are and loving them and supporting them and hopefully guiding them to be a loving, compassionate and open-minded global citizen should be the goal.”

“We just want to remind people that loving your kid is actually an option. Loving them, accepting them, helping to guide them in a way that reminds them that they are heard and seen and loved exactly as they are” Union continued.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ellen DeGeneres also spoke with the married couple about raising a transgender child. The Union-Wade family’s unfailingly support their daughter and the LGBTQ+ is a shared passion. Zaire, older brother to Zaya, expressed his support for his sister and her journey on Instagram.

Zaya’s biological mother and Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, has yet to publicly comment about her daughter’s identity. Yet, Funches referenced her second pregnancy with Zaya as her “second son,” on her Inspirational Podcast. “To love your child, listen to your child, accept your child. Reject the notion that your children are disposable if they are not little mini versions of you. And that creating more of you, in every kind of way, isn't the solution to keeping them safe or paving the way for a happy life” Union shares about parenting.

Education, new experiences, exposure and open-minded conversations are amongst some tools to refine the support and love for the Trans community, and children. The joy and support surrounding Zaya is not only an example of unconditional but familial love.

Watch the interview below:


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