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Gay Couple Beaten Unconscious - Suspects Arrested

According to the Associated Press, Spencer Deehring and Tristan Perry were holding hands walking in Austin, Texas when they were attacked. Deehring told authorities that they were called derogatory names by the group. When they responded, the couple were then jumped by four individuals. The four men attacked the couple while spouting a string of homophobic slurs.

Spencer spoke to the Austin-American Statesman saying, " We were holding hands as we were walking, just laughing and talking to each other". He told FOX29 that at one point he thought that his boyfriend had been dead. American Statesman was told that "he received several blows to the head and also fell to the ground."

Spencer created a GoFundMe page to tell he and his boyfriends story.

On Friday evening into early Saturday morning my boyfriend and I were victims of a hate crime. We were called “faggots” and brutally kicked & beaten. I suffered a concussion and severe lacerations, my boyfriend suffered a broken nose, stitches in his forehead and a major concussion with minor internal bleeding. Fortunately when a bystander saw what happened they were able to call 911 and we were able to get transported to a local medical center. Today I ask for your help with the burden we have been given of medical expenses related to this experience. Both of us were transported in an ambulance and given emergency trauma care at a local hospital. Due to this we expect our bills to exceed the thousands of dollars due to receiving comprehensive radiological care. And we ask for your love and support during our difficult time. Any help you can give is immensely appreciated. Always spread love and positivity. End hate.

Spencer had looked to raise four thousand dollars and instead has raised 22,818 as of 2/21/2018.

Travis County officials arrested Frank Macias, his brother Miguel Macias, Quinn O'Connor and Kolby Monell wednesday. A bond of $150,000 and charges of a hate-crime were looked into as Perry and Deehring report that they were attacked due to their sexuality.

These string of attacks are unfortunately not unusual and come at a time where the most public gay attack of Jussie Smollett is the highlight of the news. The Chicago police chief talked to the press shaming Jussie, saying that false claims harms those who are truly innocent by taking time and resources to save lives.


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