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Gaye Magazine’s Statement on Uganda’s Criminalizing Law and Efforts of Queer Erasure

In response to recent efforts of Uganda’s erasure of African Queer excellence and passing of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation – Gaye Magazine releases the following statement:

“On Tuesday, the Ugandan Parliament passed a law which would, among other draconian provisions, make it illegal for people to simply identify as LGBTQ.

The law expands on the 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Law, which if passed could impose up to 20 years in prison and even the death penalty. This new 2023 amendment specifically defines “deviators of the law” as those whose sexual orientation and gender identity are “contrary to the binary categories of male and female."

Uganda is among more than 30 other African countries, and areas, that criminalize LGBTQIA+ people who already face extreme implicit bias and violence. However, this is the first law of its kind to outlaw simply identifying as LGBTQ, making it the most extreme anti-LGBTQ law in the world.

Gaye Magazine supports and is in solidary with all Ugandans, African and Black people a part of the queer spectrum. To be seen, heard, respected, celebrated and uplifted is the bare minimum. During this pivotal time, Gaye Magazine is prioritizing the stories, narratives and lives of African Queer and Trans people. Unity is a pillar of Gaye Magazine’s foundation and charges its supporters, allies and readers to seek ways to become more involved, informed and visible for the LGBTQ + citizens of Uganda. While those in power, around the world and domestically, continue to intentionally contribute to anti-Queer efforts and erasure of Trans voices—Gaye Magazine will continue the work of circulating, uplifting, and celebrating POC, African, Queer, and Trans stories and voices.”

“We are powerful because we have survived, and that is what it is all about survival and growth.”

― Audre Lorde

Editor in Chief K. Keith

Gaye Magazine & Staff

Gaye Magazine Uganda Statement
Download PDF • 189KB


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