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Gaye Magazine's Top 4 Christmas Gifts for Your Partner (She/Her Edition)

With Christmas quickly approaching, anxiety is at an all time high as we’re scrambling to find those last minute Christmas gifts for Mrs. right! Whether you’ve made the classic mistake of waiting too long to start your shopping or you got a picky woman at home, we’re glad to tell you that your long search has come to an end!

Check Out Our 2020 Christmas Gift Recommendations Below: (P.S: None of our gift ideas are sponsored, just genuine love and support!)

1) Hairbrella

The moment we stumbled upon this dope brand's product we immediately fell in love! Whether your a dope stud trying to protect your fresh locs or a sexy femme looking for an alternative to protect your new-do, Hairbrella is our first Christmas gift recommendation that'll be sure to keep you right.

Founded and invented by Tracey Pickett in 2016, Hairbrella's mission is to give you confidence so you can conquer the world without worrying about the weather. The idea came to mind after Tracey spent countless hours at salons only to walk outside and get caught in the rain...epic FAIL.

Hairbrella has both fashion and function to protect any hair style, length or texture from the rain and humidity up close and personal. The gayes will love it because it's frizz free and waterproof with a satin lined interior. This will always keep your girlfriend's hair moisturized and buoyant.

It also comes with a PVC transparent visor shield for your face. This can help secure your makeup and lashes during those stormy weathers .The best part about Hairbrella is that it comes in 7 different colors so your fashionista girlfriend can rock any look, while still protecting her strands.

Head over to and purchase this Christmas gem!


2) NiK Kacy Footwear

Founded by NiK Kacy in 2013, NiK Kacy Footwear mission is to provide a solution to gender fluid individuals unable to purchase men's styled shoes due to limitations in sizing and comfort. Kacy saw an opportunity to eliminate the need for gender roles between men's and women's styles and placed the focus solely on the consumer's personal taste.

This idea made Kacy the first luxury footwear and accessories brands dedicated to the LGBT community.

NiK Kacy - Founder of NiK Kacy Footweare

We know the gayes will love this brand because of their dope shoe size conversion. Women in the U.S sizes range from 3.5 inches to 16.5 inches, while men's U.S size range from 1 inch to 14 inches. In addition to size, every footwear has a unique removable dual insole system with arch support & memory foam for comfort. The shoes also come in a variety of colors and textures to help your stud girlfriend express her style of the day.

Check out their shoe collection at!


3) So Real by GSUWOO

If your girl is a fashionista who loves showing off her curves and looking like a bad b*tch, then the catalog of So Real will definitely put her style crave at bay for Christmas. Founded by Gregory Wright aka Gsuwoo in 2017, the Florida based urban brand is known on social media for their luxury streetwear garments, exclusive footwear designs along with their genuine fur slippers.

Gregory Wright aka GSUWOO - Founder of SO REAL

Upon visiting GSUwoo's Instagram, you'll quickly notice various celebrities and socialites, otherwise known as their So Real Baddies, strutting proudly in their luxury garments. Because the brand's designs are so hot, they sell out pretty quick, so we'd recommend you gift your boo a fashion allowance for Christmas to browse the site and order what she likes.

Check Out a few of their designs below and be sure to subscribe to their email list at to stay updated on exclusive offers and drops.


4) Telfar Bag

Searching for a gift to buy from a Black, LGBT-owned luxury fashion brand for Christmas? Well we highly recommend you make a purchase at Telfar. Founded by fashion designer Telfar Clemen in 2005, Telfar's mission is to provide accessibility in a unisex fashion label to consumers at an affordable price.

The brands tag line- "It’s not for you. It’s for everyone” became so prevalent in Brooklyn, that social media referred to it as “the Bushwick Birkin.” Clemen's bag soon symbolized a universal luxury and made low price tags look cool.

Courtesy of Tokyo Stylez - Telfar Bag
Telfar Clemons - Creator and Founder of Telfar Global

Telfar's Bag Security Program will keep the your man feeling secure, as for they offer a 24-hour online window where anyone can preorder their desired look. Their Bag Security Program allows you to pay up front to guarantee that the bags will be delivered to you without having to wait for one of their infamous drops.

You will also love that The Telfar bag is very affordable with prices ranging from $150 - $257. Not only is it affordable, the colors and width variety will have you wanting every color in the rainbow with a vegan leather logo to match. Visit Telfar and browse their collection for Christmas.

Gayes, we hope you enjoyed and found value in our Top 5 Christmas gift recommendations for 2020. Check back next year as for this marks the beginning of a new tradition!


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