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Gaye Spotlight: Get to Know Celeb MUA "Draco" as He Slays NARS Masterclass

Christopher Dixon: Leslie O Photography

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Everything I touch turns to gold." Well, every face Draco brushes touch turns to slayed! Sunday, Gaye Magazine had the pleasure of learning some tips and tricks from Atlanta's very own celebrity makeup artist, Christopher Dixon, 29, better known as Draco. The two hour NARS Cosmetics masterclass was nothing short of amazing. Draco shared his industry tips on how to achieve a flawless everyday natural glow. He even shared how to turn the look into an evening beat with adding a cute pair of lashes and a bold red lip. To enhance the experience, Draco gave Gaye Magazine exclusive insight on who he is and how he's gotten to this point in his career.

(Before) | Photography: Mystic Gooden

In the class, Draco discussed product application in detail so everyone received a thorough understanding on how to achieve the same outcome. He covered how to fill in eyebrows, concealer, color matching, highlighting and so much more. He even allowed attendees to pick what colors to use to complete the look on his model. And of course, all products were provided by NARS. Now, we can't spill all the tea about how exactly he did every step, because he offers personal makeup lessons, but its definitely mandatory we give you a sneak peak of the slayage.

What made you take interest in makeup and make it your career?

"I started doing makeup when I was 21 years old. I use to do as a hobby at first in college and then I started making money from it. I was like maybe I can just do this full-time. So, I ended up dropping out of college and started pursuing makeup as my full-time occupation."

Being a member of the LGBTQ community, how does it make you feel to be such an influential and successful figure?

"It makes me feel good because by being black we already have a lot of negative connotations going around of us. Yet, by being black and gay, I think we have a higher standard. It feels good to know that my family and friends are proud of me doing something positive and something that I love."

(After) | Photography: Mystic Gooden

What do you feel has gotten you to this point in your career?

"Patience. Honestly, I didn't have a lot of patience before I started doing makeup. Over the years it has has helped me a lot. Once I started taking my time and being patient I started to understand how things go, listening and being receptive of constructive criticism. Different stuff like that has definitely helped me get where I am."

Mystic Gooden

What mistakes have you made in your past that has helped mold your career?

"Taking stuff to heart . I feel like as an artist we all are sensitive towards our work. Everyone is not [necessarily] going to like what you do and you have to be okay with that . You have to be okay with not being the best person in the room. I think that has helped me overtime, just learning that about myself. Clients have wiped my makeup off before and it was just my lack of not knowing what to do. So, MAC Cosmetics helped me grow as an artist."

Draco was a freelance makeup artist for three years before he started his career at MAC Cosmetics. He stayed with the company for five years leaving in 2017.

What makes you different from other makeup artists in the industry?

"I'm a versatile artist. I like to learn different types of makeup like prosthetics, weddings, and Halloween makeup. I learn from everybody."

What has been your most memorable celebrity collaboration to date?

"I went on tour with Xscape. I would say that would be one of my biggest accomplishments. It was suppose to be seven weeks and it turned into six months. So, that was really fun and it taught me a lot."

What would you share to individuals who want to become a makeup artist or successful in general?

"Have patience. Nothing is going to happen overnight, you have to keep going. You have to be willing to look stupid, take some L's and willing to be broke sometimes."

Mystic Gooden

Do you have any makeup brands that you favor?

"No. I use different products on everybody. The only thing that's probably the same is brow pencils by Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics. It all depends on the clients skin type and skin texture for what products I use. "

How big is this opportunity to you and what made you want to share your makeup secrets?

"First of all, when NARS came to me with the opportunity to host a class, I was like are you sure you talking about me? I had only came in the store to buy products and when they looked my name up they realized who I was and asked me. And I said I would think about it."


NARS Cosmetics has been a brand that Draco has trusted, respect and loved since the beginning of his journey as a makeup artist. So, he was truly shocked when they reached out to him. What many don't know, is Draco has an anxiety of public speaking. So, this event allowed him to face his fears head on. Gaye Magazine can concur that he did an excellent job.

He recapped on the event Monday via Instagram on how great everything went.

"Still taking it all in, honesty. Yesterday was awesome.....Sending a huge thank you to everyone who attended the class yesterday and to the team, NARS Cosmetics, for allowing this to happen. Unfortunately, we're in a time where black artist don't get these type of opportunities so I'm beyond grateful. This is still the beginning for me," said Draco.

In Draco's words, "Humble Flex!" He has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment like Zonnique , Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, Tammy Rivera, Tami Roman, Dej Loaf, Lira Galore, Letoya Luckett and more. As well, he's worked on TV networks, shows and The Barge movie that is set to come out this year.

If you would like to learn more about Draco and his upcoming projects, you can follow him via social media to stay up to date.

Instagram: @drvco

Facebook: Chris Dixon


Podcast: @ODPodcast


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