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Girl Group 'Topic of Discussion' Talk their Musical Evolution After Embracing their Sexuality

Courtesy of Official T.O.D. Website

T.O.D.— the independent hip-hop and R&B duo from Texas, is the Topic of Discussion and also one of the fastest rising queer black music groups. New projects reflect their journey as independent artists, their queerness, and their eclectic sound.

Before their 2018 Slap a Hoe single, the duo was a part of the girl-group Blushhh or Beauty Lives Under Stone Hearts. While in Blush, the artists released a 10-song project before their disbandment.

“We’re a new duo. Before, we were an independent trio. So, we knew how that works but now this is new to us, as a duo. We know each other. But we have more space to do things. Now, we’re more in step—” said the pair.

The duo mentioned, “It has always been us two. This (T.O.D.) was always the original members of Blushh. This always was a bond and was understood. So, when he (Matthew Knowles) found us, we had a third member at the time and that third member (soon) left.”

Their 2018 single marks the beginning to the pair’s musical journey, as independent artist. The pair primarily collaborates with producers, looking to produce a similar sound. Their recent work reflects their expression of love, their distinctive sound and memorable visuals.

“We want to collaborate with women. That’s what this whole year was about. That’s what this whole project was about.” said Tali.

Bigg Cuz Beats, the notable Houston producer, and the pair are collaborating once again to create new music for a forthcoming project. The Houston producer is known for his trap-rap sound; yet working with T.O.D. has yet to be anything but a reflection of their previous, fruitful collaborations, loyalty and genuine friendship.

“We came in looking for electronic guitars, melodic scenes, and atmospheric sounds and effects. And he’s like, wow—” The pair continued about their history with the Houstonian, “We’re one of his more diverse artists— but he always delivers. He’s the homie” the musicians shared.

The pair’s passion, and artistry, is a reflection of their striving journey to success. Yet after a series of management and different direction, the duo is moving forward with music more authentic and reflective to their uplifting energy and unique individuality.

“That fact that we aren’t in a box— you know, it’s us when you hear the music. We create vibes. We have different moods, no one has the same mood. We have different experiences and that’s our music— you always get something different,” Sunni smiled.

The group is ready to share insight into their creativity and behind the scenes as the duo will publish content on their new YouTube channel. “Our music takes you to another place. We stamp that” they continued, “We love the crowd vibe. We like chants and group stuff. We have a light touch to everything— but it always involves friends.”

“As people, we go through different moods— and that’s us and our music. We go with how we feel that day and it’s still us.”

Expressing their queerness has not comprised their brand of music or support from fans. The pair is open and vocal about their identity, and their new projects and visuals will reflect that.

“Before, we couldn’t be open books” the pair smiled, before mention their approach as a duo. “Now, we’ve never hidden— we came out the gate ourselves.”

Fans can look out for T.O.D’s new projects, music, visuals and more to be published soon. For more information about the pair, browse their IG, YouTube, Facebook, and official website.

Check out their latest single "I Know" here.


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