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Grindr Says 25% of their Users on the App Use it to Network

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If you’re looking for another place to network. Grindr, the gay dating/hook-up app might just be the place. According to a spokesperson for Grindr, a quarter of the app users say they use it to network.

“According to data from a survey of Grindr users, approximately 25 percent of our users say that one of their key activities on Grindr is to network,” the spokesperson told Insider."

"As users are already using the app in myriad ways, the features we look to build will likely support activities that are already happening on the app," a spokesperson said, adding that more than half of users are looking for relationships. At the same time, "over 60% simply want to chat."

They continued saying, “We know people use our app to meet new people in their area and in new towns, and we also have plenty of anecdotal evidence of people making connections that lead to professional opportunities like jobs.”

Grindr CEO George Arison told The Wall Street Journal he has "hired or had a professional relationship with several people" he met over the years on the app.

"We encourage people to network on Grindr," he said.

However, despite their success in helping users network, Grindr says they are not currently developing any features designed to foster networking opportunities, such as Bumble, which allows users to switch from their main app to their Bumble Bizz.


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