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Gunmen on ATVs Allegedly Targets Gay Men in a Drive-by Shooting After Seeing Them Kiss in the Car

Local 10 News

This past Tuesday in Miami Dade County, a drive-by shooting in which three people were shot by men on ATVs. One of the victims, Clive Khouri believes that he was targeted along with his friend because they are gay.

Khouri says that he and his friend were inside a car together and once the bullets began, he tried to speed away from them but the gunmen had followed on ATVs. He believes that the men began to shoot at them because the bullets fired shortly after the two shared a kiss inside the car. Because of the timing of when it started, he believes that this was a anti-gay hate crime.

Khouri was grazed in the head by a bullet and the other victim's name has not been released to the public but, he was unfortunately shot in the head and is in critical condition.

But the damage was not finished, because a woman by the name of Shakena Jefferson was grazed by the bullets as well as she was trying to get into a car with her girlfriend.

Janet Medley, Jefferson's wife, said, "She's afraid, she feels like the bullet is still in her head."

The suspects fled from the scene shortly after the shots rung out and the police are still investigating.

“We don’t have too much information as to who these individuals may be but obviously we’re asking the community that if anybody may have heard or seen anything, regardless of how minor it may be, contact Crime Stoppers or investigators,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said.

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