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Homophobic Man Teaches His Son to Punch Boys If They Try to "Give Him a Hug" at School | VIDEO

Screenshot via (don_cutit) Instagram

A man who claims he is not homophobic recently took to Instagram Wednesday (Oct. 6) to share a story bout how responded when his 5-year-old stepson saw a feminine gay man at school and called him a girl out loud.

The man in the video, who's first name is Jerry, describes how he dropped off his stepson at school and while there, a "gay dude" walked by.

"The first thing my stepson says, 'look Jerry, it's a girl;. Now why did he say that?...he see girls everyday...but as a child, he knew something was wrong. Like, why the fuck was that man look like a girl? Now the gay dude was right in front of us. He even turned around, I guess wanted to see what I was gone say."

Jerry further adds, "I have nothing against yawl, I'm not homophobic at all...if you want to be a pickle kisser that's on you. But, I want yawl to understand my n*gga, do you see the position yawl put us in. now what could i have said tnice that wouldnt have been offensive to yawl community to that child.

He shares that he told his son in that moment, 'hell nawl n*gga, that ain't no motherfucking girl, that's a little confused boy and you betta not ever think that's no girl. I had to give it to him like that cuz' I don't play that in my household."

Later, the man posts a second video to Instagram in which he is seen teaching his stepson while leaving school to “always hug girls” and that if a boy ever tries to hug him to “punch him in his shit.”

Jerry responded to a few comments under his video.

Yikes. Gayes, yawl know what to do! Watch the Clips below:


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