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Interior Designer Andre Hilton Shares Details of Jayda Cheaves' Penthouse Living Room Makeover

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interior designer Andre Hilton inside Jayda Cheaves house
Interior Designer Andre Hilton

Atlanta-based celebrity interior designer Andre "The Magician" Hilton recently gave Jayda Cheaves' penthouse living room an extravagant makeover! Hilton, who's the owner of Jordan Hilton Interiors, exclusively tells Gaye Magazine that he met the social media star & entrepreneur through another client on Instagram.

"From the moment we met for her consultation, I knew we’d make magic together. She had great taste in fashion, a beautiful personality, and a boss attitude. That was the overall inspiration."

Jayda Cheaves

Hilton posted a before and after photo of Cheaves' living room on Instagram, and let's just say - he certainly made magic. After all, his grandfather did coin the nickname he says.


jayda cheaves house

With the living room beginning as a blank canvas for creativity, Andre revealed it took him 2 months to transform the space into an empowering, luxurious, textured, feminine yet still youthful and inviting home.


jayda cheaves living room makeover insider her house in atlanta

Andre revealed that he used modern décor and artwork from the Jennifer Balcos gallery in Atlanta. The signature art piece over Jayda's fireplace was created by Todd Alexander. The living room's statement chandelier was purchased from Kelly Wearstler.

"When she first saw the space, she went crazy," Hilton described.

"She was nervous when we first started but she was very happy in the end. In her words, “It was worth every penny!

Jayda posted a video of herself during the reveal, stating on her Instagram Story, "I gave my interior designer hell, but he really executed!"

Kudos to Andre for helping make Jayda Cheaves space feel like home!

You can check out more of Andre Hilton's work by following him on Instagram.

Watch a Snippet from the Reveal Below:


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