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Iowa Caucus Voter Takes Back Vote for Pete Buttigieg After Learning He is Gay [VIDEO]

A caucus goer tried to take back her vote for Mayor Pete Buttigieg after learning he was gay.

The captain caucus Nikki van den Heever is seen in a video explaining to the older woman that sexuality should not matter because he is a human being.

"Well he better read the bible." says the older woman, who is now sporting a Amy Klobbuchar badge.

The two are seen going back and forth on the video as the woman asks if she can get her video card back. The response to the video has been nothing short of praise for the local hero @NikkiHeever who defended Buttigieg and the LGBT community in a cool, calm and collected manner.

"I ask you to look inside your heart, because you sound like a Christian woman to me, and I'm a Christian woman and my God wants me to love everybody...But what I teach my son, is that love is love and we're all human beings."

Watch the video below:


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