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YouTube Star Tarek Ali Cancelled After Hateful Tweets Resurface

Updated: May 27, 2020


Twitter is at an uproar after problematic tweets from Youtube star Tarek Ali resurfaced last night. Even though they were posted almost 10 years ago, the LGBT community & black twitter did not hesitate to add him on the cancelled culture list.

Tarek Ali's fan base counted over 100k followers on twitter and went down to 20k followers in less than 24 hours. The hashtag "TarekAliIsOverParty" is trending as we speak.

Tarek identifies as gay and is well known for his bubbly personality, makeup tutorials and Ted Talks with over 260k subscribers on YouTube. If he's not filming, he’s running a non-profit group called Caring Colors LGBTQ Empowerment Organization. Over the years, he has also partnered with Nike, MTVU, Calvin Klein and many more campaigns to help spread positivity. So when his tweets on colorism , rape and bullying were uncovered, viewers became skeptical about who he really is.

With the Youtube star only being 22 years old, 10 years ago would indicate that he was just 13 when he posted these remarks. Tarek Ali took it Twitter and apologized for his immature behavior.

"In retaliation of me defending myself, cancel twitter has dug into my tweets from when I was in middle school. I was 13 when I made a twitter & said ignorant things for attention. I apologize for all of them now."

Check Out the Tweets and His Apology below:

Yikes! #Gayes, what are your thoughts?


Tarek Ali posts a video addressign the backlash he received after old tweets he made when 13 years old resurfaced. In the video he apologizes for his past, however he also reveals that he was continuously molested in kindergarten by his older brother. Click Here for the Full Video!


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