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Jess Hilarious Reveals She Slept with Another Woman Only One Time in Her Life, "I'm Not Gay"

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Comedian Jess Hilarious, best known to television viewers for her appearances on BET and VH1 revealed in a recent episode of her podcast "Carefully Reckless" that she once slept with a woman, but she "never wanted it" after that.

"After I had sex with her, I went to sleep, woke up and then I was 'straight'."

Jess shared that she "messed with a female" when she was 21 after she had her son, Ashton. She further shared that she "only ever been attracted with that one woman" in her whole life because the woman resembled a younger version of Lil Wayne to her.

"I just realized I couldn't do it. Then I was scared of the dildo...Only thing that I will allow in inside of me is a penis...but I was just so fucking attracted to her," Jess said on her podcast.

She later asked the question to her fans does that make someone gay if they ever tried having same-sex once. Her guest co-host Prince added to the dialogue with the current double standard in society that for men they wouldn't be able to explain a story like Jess's to their woman.

So gayes, are you gay after only one sexual encounter with the same -sex? Listen to Jess's full podcast episode here.


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