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Joysauce Network Launches New Podcast "South Gaysian Boys"

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South Gaysian Boys Podcast
South Gaysian Boys Podcast

JoySauce Network has launched a groundbreaking new show hosted by cousins Vik Chopra and Sundeep Singh Boparai - South Gaysian Boys. Recorded and filmed at the renowned Brooklyn Podcasting Studio, South Gaysian Boys fearlessly explores Chopra’s and Boparai’s shared experiences as gay men of South Asian descent, while also introducing topics such as sex, incarceration, LGBTQ+ healthcare, stigmas in the South Asian community, activism, domestic violence, and addiction.

The show's mission is to cultivate understanding, challenge societal norms, and promote empathy and acceptance across diverse communities, which they’re able to achieve through engaging discussions with high-profile guest interviews featuring the likes of Coss Marte, Joty Kay, and Monica Gill.

Vik Chopra on south gaysian boys podcast
Vik Chopra | Photo Credit: Jaiel Productions

Vik Chopra, who is the co-founder and director of production for Unincarcerated Productions, brings his remarkable journey and passion for storytelling to South Gaysian Boys. After overcoming drug addiction and a five-year prison sentence, Chopra transformed his life through meditation, yoga, and Crossfit.

Vik Chopra on first episode of South Gaysian Boys Podcast
Vik Chopra

Chopra is the very definition of a multi-hyphenate, simultaneously acting, modeling, working on multiple full-length documentaries, writing two screenplays, and actively contributing to JoySauce as a writer, director, video editor on the platform’s first all-Asian late-night talk show, JoySauce Late Night, and more.

Sundeep "Sunny" Singh Boparai joins Chopra as a powerful force, with the world’s best laugh, behind South Gaysian Boys. Through his social media platform, @KingSunnyB, he raises awareness and promotes visibility as a Gay Sikh man to nearly 20,000 followers.

Sundeep "Sunny" Singh Boparai aka KingSunnyB on South Gaysian Boys Podcast
Sundeep "Sunny" Singh Boparai

Besides being an activist and model himself, Sunny also works in the healthcare space, where he provides invaluable support to LGBTQ+ individuals struggling with access to healthcare and other vital resources.

Currently, Boparai is working towards obtaining his Doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration and Public Policy at the Medical University of South Carolina. Most recently, he had the opportunity to work alongside Admiral Rachel Levine, the first transgender individual to hold a federal position in the USA.

Sundeep "Sunny" Singh Boparai aka King Sunny B

The first episode launches today on, and seven additional episodes will air every other week on Thursdays. The duo premiered the first episode during their podcast launch party Thursday (May 25) at the Stonewall Inn in New York City.

In the premiere episode of South Gaysian Boys, Sundeep discusses the origin of his profound and impactful Instagram profile @kingsunnyb as a queer, Sikh man, and Vik tells the harrowing tale of surviving addiction and five years of incarceration to change his life. The episode caps with the salacious tale of Vik’s prison romance.

South Gaysian Boys Podcast with Vik and Sunny
Vik & Sunny | Photo Credit: Jaiel Productions

JoySauce launched in 2022 and was founded by tech entrepreneur Jonathan Sposato, publisher of Seattle magazine and chairman and co-founder of, the largest independent tech business news site.

The multimedia platform focuses on celebrating American Asian identities and experiences everywhere. JoySauce boasts a vibrant library of content around entertainment, lifestyle, food, travel, culture, relationships, art, and education in the form of exciting new streaming shows, movies from respected AAPI directors and writers, standup comedy, provocative podcasts, and a suite of editorial that will represent the full spectrum of American Asian narratives.

To stay updated on South Gaysian Boys and join the movement of love, kindness, and acceptance, follow the show on Instagram @southgaysianboys, and hosts @vikchopra and @kingsunnyb.

Watch the First Episode Below:


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