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K.ngsley Debuts First Full Collection Dedicated to the Black, Queer & Trans Community

Malik Dupree

K.ngsley, home of the hottest tank top in fashion has just released their first expansive collection C1A1, Collection One Act One. You may have seen one of your favorite celebs rocking the viral tank, and now they're giving the girls more!

Nigerian-American designer and creator Kingsley Gbadegesin launched the black, queer and trans brand amidst the Black Lives Matter protests. The tank first started as a DIY project for an outing, and after receiving overwhelming feedback, Kingsley decided to dive in and create a series of tanks that have now become a fashion must-have.

K.ngsley/Thunderstorm Studio

The new RTW collection offers an array of tonal-based pieces, intently blurring the traditional lines of feminine and masculine design aesthetics. C1A1 takes it beyond the classic tank, extending the line to full tops, trousers, knitwear, leather boots, jewelry and accessories.

On the direction of the new collection, Kingsley told ESSENCE " I want to give THE GIRLS elements! A rising action, climax, and resolution! And not be constricted to a season".

Issa Rae ray wearing a K.ngsley tank top on "Insecure"

Kingsley has not only redefined the classic tank top, but is also helping to reshape the intersection between fashion and activism. The brand aims to use its resources to create space for black, femme, queer and trans persons specifically.

"There is a power clothing has, that I learned very early on" Gbadegesin told In The Know.

The inaugural collection is available now at and in select retailers like Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Moda and Operandi.


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