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Kamala Harris makes statement during SCOTUS proceedings, "Equal Justice is at stake"

At the moment, the hearing to put Supreme Court nominee Amy Comey Barrett is going on. In Senator Kamala Harris's opening statement,  Harris criticized that the preceding endangers all those who have to be present including officials and janitorial staff. She noted while the bill to provide financial aid has been in question for over 150 days, the confirmation to make #AmyBarrett Supreme Court Justice is aiming to be done in only 16 days. If Judge Amy Barret were to be nominated into the Supreme Court Justice it would sway the courts to be dominantly Republican and could possibly give the Republican party the advantage to many history making cases, including those affecting the #LGBT community. Senator Harris proceeded to say that the nomination is what determines cases like Obergafell V Hodges, that stated love and love and those cases would be threatened with this nomination. "President Trump is trying to roll back American's rights for decades to come. Every American must understand that with this nomination equal justice under law is at stake."

Watch her Opening Statement Below:


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