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Kanye West Headlines Awaken 2020, an Anti LGBTQ Prayer Rally

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According to Advocate, Kanye West is set to speak at Awaken 2020, a gathering of evangelical Christians that is set to take place today in Arizona. What's troubling about this move is the fact that this conference is what Advocate is calling a 'who's who' of pastors who hold staunchly anti-LGBTQ views.

These pastors include: Ché Ahn, Lou Engle, and Cindy Jacobs. Right Wing Watch has covered them extensively, and it's clear they are devoted to Trump, West, and they uphold horrific public stances.

Ché Ahn, senior pastor of HRock Church, said marriage equality laws were illegitimate and equal to racist U.S. laws. Lou Engle is the leader of The Call organization, a group that fights as hard against women's rights as it does LGBTQ rights. Engle advocated for the death of gays in Uganda, and he has called for God to 'sweep away' anyone on the Supreme Court that is pro choice and upholds Roe vs Wade.

Cindy Jacobs is also an opponent of a person's right to choose and claimed that 'God killed birds' after Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed. She also claimed legislation that would prevent housing discrimination of LGBTQ people would cause a civil war.

Gayes, what are your thoughts on the kind of company Kanye is keeping? Do you think he's really conservative or is he grifting?


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