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Kaytranada and Aminé Release Debut Single "4Eva" with Pharrell Ahead of their Summer Joint Album

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Kaytranada and Aminé are now Kaytraminé! The duo initially teased the upcoming project and song's release through various Instagram posts (@kaytramine). Acquiring over 1 million streams in a day, Kaytraminé is an imminent summer mash-up we didn't quite see coming.

The album will proceed with its debut single "4Eva", featuring co-production and guest vocals from household producer and songwriter Pharrell. The track is wavy, graced with pop synths, and carries a rather simple cadence with Afro undertones.

KaytrAminé's debut also brought forth a well-crafted video to accompany the album's lead single. Aminé and Kaytranada are showcased dancing alongside computer-generated graphics of enlarged wine glasses and women's legs wearing pink heels.

The fusion of these two creators is far from emerging. In 2014, Amine released "Not At All", his personalized rendition of Kaytranada's "At All". The following year Kaytranada would produce three songs on Amine's 2015 mixtape "Calling Brio".

kaytranada and amine gay lgbt

Neither Aminé nor Kaytranada are strangers to the LGBT community. In 2016, Kaytranda came out during an interview with Fader magazine. He would later appear on Sway's Universe discussing the struggles of his newfound transparency.

While Aminé has never admitted to being a part of the LGBTQ community, he is a supportive and outspoken ally when it comes to LGBT representation within music.

KaytrAmine is set to release on May 12th. Check out the video for "4Eva" below.


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