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Kehlani Features Black Trans Women in New Music Video, Advocates for Sex Workers

Our girl Kehlani has spoken and the people better listen! Following the release of her newest music video "Can I", Kehlani took to Instagram to speak out in support of Black trans sex workers, saying, "support sex workers!!!! ESPECIALLY BLACK TRANS SEX WORKERS. the most vulnerable. sex workers deserve proper pay, protection, and to exist in their careers without consistent shame & violence..."

Directed by Kehlani (Director name Hyhpy Williams) and Sebastian Sdaigui, the video featured black, trans, cam performers who bared their beauty in sexy lingerie to Kehlani's newest song, "Can I." (Not to be confused with "Can I " featuring Tory Lanez, whom Kehlani made the conscious decision to remove).

At the end of the video a powerful message by Da'Shaun L. Harrison read:

"Sex work is a political term that covers and embraces: street-level prostitution, erotic dancing, camera work, adult film, agency escorting, sensual massages, dominatrix work, and all other occupations through which one sells their sexual(-ized) services to clients. It is a legitimate form of labor that must be decriminalized so as to function as a safe form of work for all sex workers. It is often the lives and livelihoods of those who do street-level work that is impacted by criminalizing policies and cultural stigmatization. Overwhelmingly, those folks are Black trans women, Black cisgender women, and other Black queer and trans people—including youth. Black people—as well as Indigenous people and other people of color—deserve to be able to perform sex work without any limitations or stigmas attached, and this means that everyone must commit to learning from sex workers about sex work and sex workers’ needs."

The stigmatized role of sex workers or prostitution has always been a sore subject, even in ancient times. But the reality is that this job is still around because people are still paying. These women are working to fill a role in society just like any other. How do you feel about Black Trans sex workers #gayes? Do they belong in the call for equality? Be sure to watch these lovely ladies at work in the video below!

The following ladies featured in the video are:

Lily Isabella @thelilyisabella

Tori Duncan @realtoriduncan

Aaliyah Ei @thelittlebeast

Zamara Fullilove @_sup3rrnova

Draya Logan @phuckyotattooz

Farryl Christina Lawson @farrylchristina

Julia Nejman @jewliiiyah

Riley Nixon @rileynixon

Amiyah Love @theamiyahlove

Zi' Queeca Strobel @yadirtydaughter


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