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Kehlani to Guest Star on Season 3 of "The L Word" TV Show

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The wait is finally over! R&B Singer Kehlani got her wish from binge-watching "The L Word" to actually guest starring on Season 3 of their TV show.

The singer made the huge announcement via Instagram with promo pics from a slideshow on Wednesday. On the far right, fans could see the printed logo, "The L Word: Generation Q"

The 2004 Showtime drama series is known for featuring love stories of lesbians and bisexuals in Los Angeles. Things get heated each episode with a splash of comedy as characters experience being in a relationship, having sex, starting a family, getting married, hookups, breakups, discovering their sexuality, staying in the closet, coming out -- or all of the above.

Believe it or not, the dream of being one of those characters has been in the works for Kehlani a year prior. She shared on social media her love for the tv show dating all the way back to June 2021. She first shared her awakening of The L Word on TikTok during the pandemic. The caption read, "I like it but gahdamn".

"Starting the L Word cuz YALL told me to...this shit is just a porno with a hint of depression and chaos."

A fan of Kehlani even witnessed her story on Instagram when she mentioned the TV Show back in July 2021. The Twitter follower was happy to know that Kehlani had "officially been converted to an L Word head."

"I would just like to say...I would like to be a part of @sho_thelword".

Kehlani then spoke with producer Lauren "KITTENS" Abedini back in November 2021. She expressed her goal of working with The L Word and doing a live streaming watch party.

"L Word you hear this...we have been on the internet about it, hire us...I'll do it"

The good news is that The L Word: Generation Q has been renewed for a third season and Kehlani will make her guest appearance. The release date hasn’t been announced just yet.

Gayes are you excited for Season 3?


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