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Kevin Hart Admits He "Was Immature" About Oscar Backlash Over Gay Jokes "I F--ked Up..."

Kevin Hart Netflix Don't f--k this up

Comedian #KevinHart admits in his new #Netflix documentary, “Kevin Hart: Don’t F—k This Up” that he handled being called out over old anti-gay tweets after being selected to host the 2019 Oscars ceremony very badly. He ultimately decided to turn down the offer after refusing to apologize for his homophobic slurs he posted on Twitter in 2010 and 2011.

In the documentary, Hart is seen setting up an emergency meeting with his team nine days after he had stepped down to host the Oscars, stating that he didn’t want to make a public statement because it would be “making it OK to go backward.”

The Netflix series show his publicist trying to reason with him, suggesting he take a “humility pill”.

“He needs to just shut up and put his head down for the next few weeks,” the publicist said. “What he needs to remember is he’s feeding 50-60 people. When he takes a shitter, everybody takes a shitter and that’s a big issue now.”

All of Kevin Hart’s efforts of trying to diffuse the escalating situation didn’t pan over too well. His attempt to apologize on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in January failed, even after Ellen expressed she forgave him.

“What I thought that was going to do, it did not do. The complete opposite happened,” he said on the Netflix show.

“I missed an opportunity to say simply that I don’t condone any type of violence in any way, shape or form to anyone for being who they are,” he said. “I fucked up. ... Instead, I said, ‘I addressed it.’ I said, ‘I apologized.’ I said, ‘I talked about this already.’ I was just immature.”

#Gayes, what are your thoughts? Have you forgiven Kevin?

Watch a trailer of the Netflix Documentary below:


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