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Kidd Kenn Makes History as the First Openly Gay Rapper to Freestyle in a BET Cypher

BET Cypher - Kidd Kenn (Screenshot)

18 year old rapper Dontrell Smith, better known as Kidd Kenn has been making noise since he was 15 in high school. Kidd Kenn is now making history as the first openly gay, male rapper to freestyle in a BET Cypher.

The Chicago native was featured in BET’s (Black Entertainment Network) “Digital Cypher” featuring him alongside Lakeyah and Toosii Symba, with DJ HED helming the ones and twos.

Many of his fans can already be seen quoting their favorite bars from his cypher such as:

“They hella mad, I’m hella gay”.

Kenn officially signed with Island Records in 2019, in which he released his second full-length project, “Child’s Play”. His latest release was the EP, “Problem Child”, which dropped June 2021.

With the success of his recent projects, Kidd Kenn is certainly on everyone’s radar, especially after the stamp from being featured on a BET cypher. The cypher is scheduled to air Tuesday, Oct. 5th on BET!


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