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L’Oréal's First Transgender Model Rehired After Racial Comment on the Company

Photo Credit: Luke Nugent

Munroe Bergdorf proudly rejoins L’Oréal this month after being fired for her racial comment on Facebook back in 2017.

The white & Jamaican transgender model was let go for going against L’Oréal’s campaign values. Bergdorf made a post about “racial violence of white people” which was later taken down from Facebook due to rules against “hate speech”.

L’Oréal made it very clear how important diversity is to their company.

L’Oréal champions diversity. Comments by Munroe Bergdof are at odds with our values and so we have decided to end our partnership with her.” – Via Twitter @LOrealParisUK

3 years later the Bergdof controversy surfaced again after Black lives matter protesters marched for George Floyd ( An innocent black man who was killed by Police ).

L’Orèal responded via Instagram, “Speaking Out Is Worth It” and Bergdof found that ironic since she was terminated for “Speaking Out” as an employee of their company. Needless to say it was worth it.

View Facebook Post Of Munroe Bergdorf Comment


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