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Laverne Cox and Trans Cast Attempt to End Transgender Stereotypes in New Netflix Film “Disclosure”

Photo Credit: Netflix/Disclosure

Netflix released a new documentary film “Disclosure”on Friday starring Laverne Cox. The film is produced by Sam Feder & discusses the impact Hollywood movies have on Trans lifestyles. The 1 hour and 47 minute movie also features other Trans influencers like MJ Rodriguez, Alexander Grey, Brian Michael-Smith and MarQuise Vilson.

Laverne Cox in "Disclosure" shares growing up in Alabama to the hurt and joy of being Trans in the spotlight. According to the "Disclosure" Film, Hollywood stereotypes of Transgenders in media was seen as comical and hyper-sexualized. Cox created a new era of Trans identity by starring on shows like "Orange Is The New Black" and "Bad Hair" which both showcased her as a black woman with a voice of her own.

Photo Credit: Jill Greenberg

"I think for a very long time, the ways in which trans people have been represented on screen have suggested that we're not real. That we don't exist.And yet here I am. Yet here we are, and we've always been here." - Laverne Cox via "Disclosure"

GLAAD revealed that 80% of Americans have not interacted with a person who identify as Trans. Therefore, many assumptions of Trans lives come from the media. This also can effect a person going through Gender Dysphoria where he/she may not be aware of the Transgender ideology.

In this new Sam Feder documentary you unlearn the problematic stereotypes as each writer, actress and activist share heartfelt perspectives of Hollywood's impact in the LGBT community.

Check out the Official Triller "Disclosure" and share your review with us !


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