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Law Roach to Co-Host Alongside Julia Fox in Fashion Design Competition Series "OMG Fashun"

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Renowned fashion stylist Law Roach is set to join forces with actress and fashion icon Julia Fox as a co-host for the upcoming fashion competition series 'OMG Fashun'. The eagerly anticipated show promises to be a captivating exploration of creativity and style, with Roach bringing his expertise and keen eye for fashion to the judging panel alongside Fox.

The show will see contestants facing off in a series of challenges designed to test their fashion prowess and ability to think outside the box.

According to reports from Variety, in each episode, three contestants are challenged to “create a boundary-breaking look born of Fox’s beautifully bold brain using materials and techniques that would make fashion’s so-called gatekeepers squirm.” Fox, Roach and a rotating expert guest judge will then select a winner who received a $10,000 cash prize and gets their garment modeled by Fox.

With Roach's extensive experience working with celebrities and shaping red carpet looks, his insights are expected to be invaluable to the contestants as they strive to impress the judges and showcase their unique aesthetic visions.

In an interview with TODAY, Fox expressed her excitement about the collaboration with Roach, stating, "I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime for this show. Law's creativity and passion for fashion are truly inspiring, and I can't wait to see what magic we can create together on 'OMG Fashun'."

Roach, who has previously served as a judge on fashion competition shows such as 'America's Next Top Model', brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His distinctive approach to styling has earned him accolades and made him a sought-after figure in the fashion industry.

'OMG Fashun' is poised to offer viewers a fresh and dynamic take on the fashion competition genre, with Fox and Roach at the helm. As they search for the next big talent in the world of fashion, audiences can expect drama, creativity, and plenty of jaw-dropping looks.

With production set to begin in the coming months, anticipation is already building for the premiere of 'OMG Fashun'. As fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to see Roach and Fox in action, one thing is certain – this is one competition series that is sure to make a stylish splash.

The series premieres with two episodes on May 6 at 9 p.m.


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