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Leyna Bloom Becomes the Face of Playful Promises' New Lingerie Campaign

Playful Promises

The fashion industry is certainly a dog eat dog industry and it's either go hard or go home, however, Leyna Bloom continues to shatter glass ceilings for transgender women of color everywhere!

Playful promises an inclusive swim wear & lingerie brand launched its 15th anniversary campaign and featured Leyna as their cover girl. Playful promises caters to women of all shapes and sizes regardless if they're trans or cisgender.

Playful promises

Leyna broke headlines when she campaigned to be the first transgender model to walk on the Victoria's secret catwalk.She's walked in Tommy Hilfiger X Zendaya spring/summer runway show last month and she became the first trans woman of color to have a film premiere at Cannes.

Playful Promises

Every woman wants to feel sexy , feminine and confident. More & more lingerie companies and fashion brands are becoming more inclusive to the LGBT community. But the welcoming of our community doesn't just stop in fashion, its beginning to transcend in others as well. Congratulations Leyna!


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