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LGBT Organizations Lash Back at Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) nominee Amy Coney Barrett has been chosen by President Trump to fill the empty seat left over by the Notorious Judge Ginsburg. The move to have a female supreme court judge is a progressive one, however looking into Barrett's qualifications the Human Right's Campaign released a statement over her nomination and the threat she could have to the LGBTQIA community.

Barrett spoke at a lecture in 2016 during Trump's presidency about policies and the justice court. Her statements were what most people can agree was a professional outlook of how the courts should be operated. At 17:52 of her lecture she said "...and I think those examples really show what we want in a justice, someone who applies the law, who follows the law where it goes and doesn't decide simply on the basis of partisan preference."

But the Human Rights Organization and other LGBT advocates/centers say her preferences are exactly why she is not fit to be a judge. Words from Barret during her 2016 lecture are constantly used as examples. Such as her mention of trans lives being referred to as "psychological males".


Her deep devotion to the catholic religion is also points of concern. Vox writes that in 2015 Barrett wrote a letter to bishops sharing her opinion that “marriage and family founded on the indissoluble commitment of a man and a woman.”

And she addressed Trans lives in her lecture by saying, "People will feel passionately on either side about whether physiological males who identify as females should be permitted in bathrooms, especially where there are young girls present.” - Coney Barrett

Los Angeles LGBT center wrote a statement saying, "With less than six weeks to go until the election, we urge everyone to call their senators and demand that they reject the nomination of Judge Coney Barrett and insist that the position be left vacant until the next presidential term begins. She is not the right choice for our demographically and culturally diverse country. Not now. Not ever."

Human Rights says, " If she is nominated and confirmed, Coney Barrett would work to dismantle all that Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for during her extraordinary career. An appointment of this magnitude must be made by the president inaugurated in January. The Human Rights Campaign fervently opposes Coney Barrett’s nomination, and this sham process.”

Barrett currently serves as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and earlier in her career was a law clerk and protégé to Antonin Scalia, one of the most steadfast opponents of LGBTQ rights. Coney Barrett has demonstrated hostility toward LGBTQ rights in her words and rulings.

With only a voting to finalize her seat in the supreme court, Barrett could be the judge that decided the new upcoming supreme court case about discrimination applying to religious groups, Fulton vs City of Philadelphia . Despite all this Amy Barrett's whole career has been a mantra that personal values and opinions should not get in the way of a judge's decision. #Gayes, do we believe her?


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