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LGBTQ+ Dramedy Film "Single Man Problems: Volume One" Debuts on Tubi

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black lgbtq film Single Man Problems: Volume One Film / Tubi
Single Man Problems: Volume One Film / Tubi

Gayes! Tubi's new black LGBTQ-themed film “Single Man Problems: Volume One” is a charming dramedy.

The film, set in New York City, follows Ronnie (Keefe Grimes), a self-conscious queer black man, originally from Brooklyn, NY. Following his college graduation, Ronnie now in his mid-20s faces difficult career and relationship experiences.

lgbt film Single Man Problems: Volume One Film on Tubi
Single Man Problems: Volume One Film / Tubi

The film's director Bobby Ashley exclusively revealed to Gaye that the project was originally a web series before being transformed into a feature-length film. In addition to featuring a black gay lead, the film's soundtrack consists of all black queer artists.

"I'm thrilled you can immerse yourself in Ronnie's captivating journey, making it a compelling addition to Tubi's growing collection of quality black queer narratives,” said Bobby Ashley.
Single Man Problems: Volume One Film / Tubi

"Single Man Problems: Volume One" explores the complexities of black queer relationships, friendships, and self-discovery. Written and directed by Bobby Ashley and Robert McCullough, the film stars Keefe Grimes in a riveting performance that earned him a 2020 Pre-Daytime Emmy Nomination for "Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor in a Digital Drama."

Originally premiered in 2018 as a short episodic web series at the New York Latino Film Festival, presented by HBO, "Single Man Problems" the first four episodes secured a four-licensing deal with Here TV in the same year. The subsequent episodes continued to captivate Here TV's audiences when they premiered in late 2019.

Single Man Problems: Volume One Film / Tubi

"Single Man Problems: Volume One" now takes the original web series to new heights. After the licensing deal expired, the creators embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the series into a feature film. Significant re-edits, added voice-overs, post-credit scenes, and other enhancements have been seamlessly woven into the narrative, offering a fresh and compelling viewing experience for existing fans and newcomers. 

Director Bobby Ashley exclusively shares in a statement, "During the run of my first scripted series, 'The Ave,' I knew I wanted to step out of the box and tell a story that personally hits home for me. It was initially terrifying to expose a vulnerable side that's been shielded from the public for a while, but deep down, I knew I had something to say. That voice inside of me was screaming to be heard, and after going through a troubled relationship privately, I knew it was time. That's the purpose behind 'Single Man Problems: Volume One.' The therapeutic experience of personal growth and rediscovery of self-worth."

Ashley further emphasized the film's importance in addressing the issues of trauma and self-discovery within the black queer community, saying, "I hope viewers, especially young black queer people, watch this film and simply work towards unpacking their past trauma so they can genuinely embrace the essence of being in a healthy black queer relationship. Like the character Ronnie Jerome Maxwell said in the film, 'Apparently, I have to get my shit together, but hey, don't we all?'"

Single Man Problems: Volume One Film / Tubi

"Single Man Problems: Volume One" is now streaming for free on Tubi!

For more information about the film, follow the film on social media:

Instagram: @singlemanproblems

X (Twitter): @singlemanprblms


"Single Man Problems: Volume One" Cast: Keefe Grimes, Shaniqua J. West, Michel Vidal, Mike Press, Roshawn Hunter, and Justin Rodriguez.

Crew: Written and directed by Bobby Ashley and Robert McCullough. Executive produced by Bobby Ashley, Mical Milus, Tracey Mendelsohn, Edmund Blanding, and JayNemar Smith.


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