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Lifetime Hosts Premiere of New Film, “Single Black Female” at Atlanta IPIC Theatre | Exclusive

Saturday was a night to remember! With a red carpet entrance, Lifetime gave viewers an intimate screening of their highly anticipated film “Single Black Female” this weekend (Jan. 29) at the IPIC Theatres in Atlanta, a premier luxury restaurant-and-movie theater brand.

The 1 hour and 30 minute movie stars actress Raven Goodwin as Monica, Amber Riley as Simone & singer K. Michelle as Monica's bestfriend - BeBe. The film is scheduled to air Saturday, February 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Gaye Magazine witnessed K. Michelle wearing an iconic gold dress draping over black leather pants as she posed on the red carpet. Raven Goodwin showed off her curves in a hot pink dress paired with a fur coat, while Amber Riley kept it cute in a elegant black dress.

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Amber Riley (Left) K. Michelle (Middle) Raven Goodwin (Right) | Source: FreddyO for Lifetime

Watch Full Red Carpet here!

Around 7:30 p.m. viewers began making their way into the theatre. As the lights dimmed, a complimentary 3-course dinner was served at the touch of a button. We all sat comfortably in soft, fully-reclining orange lounge pods, with most of the cast from the movie sitting just feet away.

According to a reference from K. Michelle's character BeBe during the actual screening, the movie is a remake of the 1992 thriller, “Single White Female”.

The 2022 edition stars Goodwin as a television host named Monica who’s trying to get through life’s ups and downs. She then decides to hire an assistant, Simone (Riley), who continues to immerse herself in Monica’s life and somehow things get out of control.

"Single Black Female" - Courtesy of Lifetime

During the Q & A, which took place shortly after the screening, the ladies were asked what they would like for viewers to take away from the film. Amber Riley applaudingly noted that she wanted "young Black girls to see two plus-sized Black women being leads in a film".

"And [it shows] we can be loved on! That we have chemistry with men, we vibe, people are attracted to us - daily!" Raven Goodwin chimed in.

K. Michelle shared she'd like for the world to see Goodwin and Riley as "great actresses."

"I want them to see these women...because we can carry thrillers, we can make you laugh, we can make you cry, so that's what I want for everyone watching."

K. Michelle further added that the cast and crew was delightful to work with, as this was her debut acting role on Lifetime. She admitted to going to sets in the past where things ended in fights but "Single Black Female" was different.

“People call it the agenda, you know…you go to sets and you fight, but when I got to this set everyone was so loving, so supportive…I was like what’s going on? It really helped…ya know this was my first time being on a [lifetime] set and seeing what they’ve been doing for years.”

Speaking of years, Goodwin expressed her frustration with NY Post, feeling unaccepted in Hollywood before the support of “Single Black Female”.

“I have read for parts that were literally for a caucasian [actress] and have … nothing to do with me being a big black girl. None of that,” she said. “I always think that maybe I can change people’s minds and completely change the character. I think it’s all about a feeling, about connecting … with the dialogue and building the character’s life beyond the page."

Both Goodwin and Riley did just that!

Radio Host Latesa Lins & K. Keith (Gaye Magazine Editor in Chief) with cast of Lifetime's "Single Black Female" | Freddyo

The night ended with the cast graciously taking photos with viewers to express their appreciation for attending.

Gayes, tune in Saturday (Feb. 5th) at 8/7c and watch Lifetime’s "Single Black Female" take 'Lights, Camera, Action' to a whole new level.

Check out the trailer and watch the full Q&A below:

"Single Black Female" Q&A


Special Thanks to the Cr8agency Team!


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